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Website Links:
Thanks much for visiting us! Here are a few of the sites around the web that we recommend.

Yahoo Groups

ICP AZ Members | ICP HAM Radio Group | AZ Scanner | AZWildlandfire

Newspapers Newspapers

Arizona Daily Star | Arizona Republic | Mesa Tribune

Television StationsTelevision Stations

Channel 3 News Phoenix
Channel 5 CBS News Phoenix
Channel 10 Fox News Phoenix
Channel 12 NBC News Phoenix
Channel 15 ABC News Phoenix
Channel 4 NBC News Tucson
Channel 9 ABC News Tucson
Channel 11 Fox News Tucson

ICP is pleased to announce the ScanArizona website. In cooperation with the good folks at, ICP is streaming numerous feeds to the website 24/7.

Scanner Stuff

Southwest Frequency Directory

NEW 10th Edition for 2009-2010

SWFD-10 is the most up to date scanner information resource for Arizona.  The 240 page 8.5″ by 11″ directory is organized by county (including all 15 Arizona counties) for easy use and is packed full of information written and edited by local scanner experts!

Radio Reference
Radio Reference is one of the most comprehensive radio communications sites out there. Loaded with feature and information.

More links soon!