About Us

Arizona’s Leading, Most Recognized and Respected

Incident Command Page has been providing Arizona’s media and scanner enthusiasts with breaking news incidents since 1995.

ICP’s staff is made up entirely of volunteer members who dispatch incidents using their own computers, text capable devices and scanner equipment.

Our Dispatchers devote many hours of their own personal time to ICP and purchase their own equipment to monitor the public safety radio systems. Several ICP Dispatchers have chosen to carry 2-way devices and are able to page incidents while on the go, away from home or on the scene of an incident.

ICP Dispatchers have diverse backgrounds and different reasons that brought them to ICP. Some are current or former Fire, Emergency Medical Service or Law Enforcement personnel. Many of ICP’s Dispatchers are Ham radio operators, and are capable of assisting in times of severe weather, local or national disasters, or any other crisis where communications are essential. Most of all we are all scanner listeners.

Print, television, and radio media as well as restoration contractors and insurance adjusters use ICP’s service to keep them informed of current incidents in Arizona.

We also have Public Information Officers (PIO) and Public Affairs Officers (PAO) throughout the state and are members of City, County or State Agencies.

If you are interested in becoming a Dispatcher for ICP, please check contact us for more information.