Frequently Asked Questions

Do you page Aircraft Alerts?

Yes. We currently only page Alert 3's [crashes] and some Alert 2's where substantial problem exists or an imminent crash is a real probability.

Can I receive only 1st Alarms and above?

Yes. In the Central Arizona region you can choose to receive only 1st Alarm fires or above. We currently only offer this in the Central Arizona region. You will still get 1st Alarm fires in the Southern and Northern regions but will get lesser alarm fires also.

Can I select the cities I want alerts from?

No. You can select regions which cover most of the major cities and surrounding areas. For example: Central AZ covers the metro area of Phoenix and all of the surrounding cities and areas such as Buckeye, Gila Bend, and more. If you have any questions about a region feel free to contact us or call with your questions.

Who is Engine 131 or Ladder 1?

What if I only want one group, is it still the same price?

Yes. Our service is on an annual basis and not by the amount of group(s) you wish to receive. You can add, delete or change which group(s) you wish to receive anytime with no additional charge or fees. If you would like to adjust which group(s) you are receiving, please contact us.